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For your Metal Cutout Hitch Covers and Powder Coating of Small Item needs, you are in the right place.

Just an update as of 06/26/2012, I have been trying to obtain a larger oven for the Powder Coating.  My work and family schedule has been unpredictable and extremely busy the past four months.  Please bear with me and as soon as I get a larger oven, I will be able to do larger items.  Thanks, Joe

Welcome to Rowdy Outfitters.  I make Aircraft Metal Cut-outs for Hitch Covers or to stick on your vehicle, and I do Powder Coating of small parts.  I pay close attention to quality and detail in the work I do.  Please browse through my website.  If you are interested in any items I have or would like something Powder Coated, please feel free to email or call.

Joe R. Row


Abilene, TX