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Powder Coating

Powder Coating of small parts.  With current oven size, 17.5"Dx22.5"Wx13"H, I am limited to powder coating small parts only.   I can do just about any color.  Parts need to be clean of paint, rust, oil, and grease.  I do clean the parts before coating, but if there is a large amount to clean, I do charge extra.  

Pricing depends on a few variables.  Single coats with basic masking and plugging holes are a base price.  Double coats like translucents and candies over a Silver Base Coat, or clear coats will have a 50% extra fee added due to coating the part twice.

If you have something that requires detailed masking and/or multiple colors, pricing will vary.  A good example is the Republic of Texas Derby Cover in the picture below.  Part required detailed masking and two different types of black powder (Semi-Gloss in center and lettering with Wrinkle Black around the outer ring).

If you have something you would like to have Powder Coated, contact me via phone or email.